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Understanding the brain and the neurochemistry of successful learning has been Andrew Fuller’s life passion. He brings his research and findings over twenty years working with young people to his latest neuroscience work, MYLEARNINGSTRENGTHS™® .

Everyone’s brain processes information differently, it is as unique to an individual as their fingerprint. MYLEARNINGSTRENGTHS™® enables anyone ( young and old) to understand their own pattern of learning strengths and use this knowledge to increase academic self-efficacy, more powerfully engage in learning, increase performance, gain new skills and discover pathways to success.

For students, MYLEARNINGSTRENGTHS™® opens the door to truly understand what and how to connect with their unique set of strengths and to use that knowledge to increase academic self-efficacy – the level of self-belief that you can do well.

For teachers and parents, MYLEARNINGSTRENGTHS™® offers important insights on a student’s learning strengths and how to support that student’s learning whether it be interaction, engagement and/or neuro differentiating teaching and learning.

Discover your learning strengths, take the test now!

I encourage you to take the survey to receive your free personalised assessment of your learning strengths outlining your top two learning strengths and a way of developing another strength so you can plan future learning priorities.

There is also a more detailed analytical report of your learning strengths and possible career paths that can be purchased for $20.

I hope the information you gain by doing this will help you to fulfil your potential.

Never lose sight of your dreams!

Andrew Fuller


Andrew Fuller speaking


Andrew’s workshops on MYLEARNINGSTRENGTHS™® will help you discover your learning strengths and how to use them to get where you want to go.

  • Teacher workshop: Neuro-differentiation and teaching to student’s learning strengths
  • Student workshop: Learning Strengths for students
  • Parent workshop: Learning Strengths for parentss


Please Note : The advice provided by this website is designed as a guide and is indicative only. It does not claim to replace a full psychological assessment. If major life decisions are being made a full psychological assessment may be necessary to confirm these guidelines.

“G’day Andrew! Just did the quick test to see my learning strengths and it was great. I succeed at logic, planning and sequencing, but need to work on my perceptual motor. Interesting! I will talk with my teacher for strategies to use my strength, and build on my weaknesses. Love your work mate! Helping students and teachers must be great👩‍🚀 I will never lose sight of my dreams✊🏻🙏🏻”

Harry, year 12

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